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About Us
About Us
Licenses and Certificates
50, G. Hasana st, 614025, Perm
About Us

Founded 16 November 1998 SJSC ENERGOSERVIS  is engaged in electric power systems, heating systems, computer-aided manufacturing and automation systems, and control and measuring automation systems maintenance, construction and repair services including capital repair.


CJSC ENERGOSERVIS  Director General  Alexei M. Sedunin



Our mission is to become consistent leader in power systems maintenance and construction services.



Safety and quality is the core of our success.


Company Organization


Today company organization meets all the requirements of production team and customers and provides efficient solutions for every problem that may emerge in the course of company business activity. Nowadays the company consists of five branches.


The headquarter is located in Perm including main management personnel and the following engineering and construction departments: constructing-and-mounting department, technical service department, protection and automation systems setup department, engineering department, computer-aided manufacturing systems department, preproduction development department, supply department, transportation department, twenty-four-hour control service, etc.


Four SJSC ENERGOSERVIS  subdivisions, located in the big country towns OSA, CHERNUSHKA, KUNGUR, and BEREZNIKI, operate throughout Perm Territory. These subdivisions insure that all the needs of our customers within our contractual duties are serviced efficiently and in proper time.


Subdivisions have the rights of legal entity and are bear legal and financial liability to superior bodies and state authorities.


Perm Territory administration in conjunction with West Ural Energy Enterprises Association recognized  SJSC ENERGOSERVIS as the best energy equipment servicing enterprise of the West Ural region in the year 2006.

"Line Energy Overseas Ltd" was created in May 2007
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